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Hunting Stories


Want to share your story with us? We'd love to hear it!

Simply send us an email to Tell us your hunting, fishing or even cooking story. Be sure to attach a photo. We'll post your story but will also preserve your privacy.

A BIG "Thank You" to Ian for sending us his hunting story. Not only is he a great hunter, he leads a pretty impressive Bible Study, too!

Muzzle-Loader Deer Hunt

I saw this 4 point Desert Mule Deer and he had a couple of does with him. It was a muzzle loader hunt, so Iím stalking up on him, and I was doing pretty good coming up the side of the draw and he was up on the ridge there, and I got in about 50 yards from him and I was trying to bring the rifle up to my shoulder to get a shot at him and he turns and looks right at me. So I froze up and heís staring at me, then he suddenly looks past me, like to the other side of the draw, so I raised the rifle up a little bit more, a couple inches or so, and the buck looks back at me. So I freeze again, and hold for a few seconds, it seemed longer, but Iím sure it was only a few seconds, then he looks back passed me again, along the other side of the draw. Of course I donít look behind me, Ďcus Iím trying to get the rifle up so I can shoot him, so this goes back and forth until I actually get the rifle up to my shoulder, you know, a couple inches at a time, until I get the rifle into position, and I touched it of and drilled him, just a beautiful heart/lung shot. After I shoot, I hear all of this crashing and noise behind me and I turn and look and see a buck twice the size of the one I just shot, just a monster buck. And he had probably, I donít know how many does he had with him. But that buck I shot, I figure he was worried that old buck was going to come and steal the few does he had, more than he was worried about me shooting him. And thatís my story of the one that got away and the one that didnít.

John H.
Tucson, AZ
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