Doc Kendrick (L) Reggie- Nanny's Uncle Margaret Izora - Doc's Wife
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Doc Kendrick Spice Company - Wild Game Spice Blends...Stalk up on Flavor
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Doc Kendrick Spice Company is pleased to be providing you with a wide array of wild game spice blends, rubs and marinades.  All specifically designed for the American hunter/fisherman.
(And it's okay if you just hunt at the supermarket, too. We won't tell!)

At Doc Kendrick, we take great pride in our products.  Our blends are created in small batches with a constant attention to detail, using only the finest, all-natural ingredients.  No chemical preserving agents or fillers are added, resulting in bold, full-flavored blends that awaken the tastebuds.

Be sure to check out the wonderful selection of recipes we've accumulated, for ideas and usage information regarding Doc Kendrick's products. Also, feel free to submit your own recipes.

Stalk up on flavor with Doc Kendrick's wild game spice blends. The excitement of the hunt doesn't have to end in the field.

Now Available!

 Whats New!
Try our two newest Spice Blends :
Lemon-Thyme Rub  for Chicken and Fish
Smokey-Southwest Blend that will add a kick to any meal
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Saturdays, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Rincon Valley Farmer's Market - Old Spanish Trail, Tucson, AZ

Business Opportunities

Our company recently decided to test out our product sales via Independent Sales Representatives. We are looking to recruit several representatives in order to piolet our program. Payment will be commission based only. Commissions will be based on overall sales, recruiting, and wholesale contracts. If you are interested in recieving more information about this oportunity please contact us at